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What documents do you need to complete your application?

A copy of your ID document

Proof of Residence (utility bills etc.)

Your latest Payslip

3 months’ Bank Statements with official bank stamp

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      Personal Details

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      Residential Address

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      Account Information

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      Employment Information

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    Personal Details

    Step 1 of 7

    Personal Details


    1. Title

    2. First Names

    3. Surname

    4. ID number

    5. Mobile number

    6. What is your home language

    7. What is your marital status?

    8.What is your race?

    9. If you are married in community of property or by customary law, it is a legal requirement in terms of the Matrimonial Property Act, to obtain consent from your spouse to enter into any credit agreement.
    If so, please confirm you have received this consent.


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    Residential Address


    10.Street/Building name and number

    11. Address line 2 (optional)

    12. Suburb

    13. City

    14. Postal Code

    15. Province
    We only assist application from these two provinces in South Africa


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    Account Information


    16. Email

    17. Confirm Email address

    18. Amount you wish to borrow
    Take note: We do not grant loans for longer than three months.

    (In terms of the National Credit Act of South Africa do you have to qualify for loan before it can be granted)


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    Why do we need to know this information?
    As a registered credit provider in South Africa it is our responsibility to ensure that you are able to afford the credit you are applying for.

    Therefore these questions will allow us to pre-score you to ensure you qualify for finance.

    All information submitted will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any 3rd parties or other financial institutions.


    19. Monthly income before deductions (Bruto)

    20. Monthly "Take home" income - after deductions (Netto)

    21. Other income


    Step 5 of 7


    Please specify all your household expenses excluding credit commitments like a bond, vehicle finance, retail cards, personal loans or credit cards


    22. Expense - Accommodation

    23. Expense - Medical

    24. Expense - Water & Electricity

    25. Expense - Transport

    26. Expense - Food

    27. Expense - Education

    28. Expense - (Maintenance)


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    Employment Information


    29. Employment Status

    30. Employment Category

    31. Employment Type

    32. How many years have you been working here

    33. Employers Name

    34. Employers Telephone Number


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    35. A copy of your ID document

    36. Proof of residence (utility bills etc.)

    37. Your latest payslip

    38. 3 months’ Bank Statements with official bank stamp (not older than 6 months)
    Month 1:

    Month 2:

    Month 3: